Meet the Team


Meet the Team

Carmel Bell

Carmel Bell has been practicing as a Medical Intuitive, specialising in the Human Energy System, for more than 25 years.  She is one of the few recognised founders of Medical Intuition both in Australia and overseas and is the founder of the Co
llege of Medical Intuition in Melbourne, Australia.  Carmel is the only teacher of Metatronic Energy work.

Carmel Bell practices from her Clinic in Melbourne, Australia as a Medical Intuitive, and using Metatronic Energy to help facilitate healing for her clients.   She works with clients to help them understand their health and emotional issues, both physically and Spiritually working on an Energetic Level rather than a physical level.  Her consultations are insightful, practical and solution focused.

Carmel works with many Medical Practitioners from both the Alternative and Traditional Medicine fields.  The Practitioners who refer to Carmel use the information that she provides to help improve their clients health, to develop treatment plans or as a guide as to future health issues.  Many people are referred to Carmel when all other options have been exhausted.  Most people in this situation find that a session with Carmel will give them a renewed sense of hope and optimism as well as other treatment options.

Carmel is not Medically trained, but after years of experience, she has built a base of knowledge in Traditional Medicine and treatments as well as knowledge of alternative and non-western therapies. She has worked successfully with thousands of people, dealing with a wide variety of concerns, ranging from panic/anxiety disorder, systemic illness, cancer, traumatic injury, nerve injury and emotional problems, to name a few dysfunctions.

"The Human Energy Field, or Aura is dynamic and ever changing, depending on our thoughts, feelings, and state of mind..." Carmel Bell.


Alyce Chin

Emotional, mental or psychic discomfort seems easier to ignore than a physical symptom or illness.

Yet to focus simply on identifying or labelling a presenting ailment is to miss the deeper lesson, or what the body is attempting to convey.

Alyce uses Medical Intuition to help people accept and to adjust the emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors and lessons that lie at the root of declining health.


Piera Perri

From a young age I have been drawn to the Divine, searching for answers beyond the physical realm. After an attempt of Christian Theology, I found myself thirsting for the deeper truths of the soul & how it affects our health - after all, we are energy. I have studied various forms of healing for the mind, body & spirit. These included Kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Three-in-one Concepts, Aroma Therapy & have completed studies in Medical Intuition under the guidance of Carmel Bell. It was here that I was introduced to Metatronic Energy & have found that this energy is one of the most powerful ways of healing the body as a whole - mind, body and spirit.

Kim Healey

Kim has a wealth of knowledge, studying the energetic body for the last 20 years and she incorporates this into her consults. Clients feel completely safe to be open and expressive, to go to the darkest of places and to trust her with their vulnerability. She has an amazing eye for energetic blocks and interferences and her intuition is second to none. She has a direct approach with a mix of humour, insight and love.


Faye Baxter

In 2005, when seriously ill, I was referred to Carmel Bell and after a couple of sessions with her, I not only made a complete recovery but gained a much better understanding of myself and how my thoughts and feelings impacted on my health. I have always been intuitive with an awareness of energy around people’s bodies. I have studied a number of other alternative healing modalities over the years but have not encountered anything which works so powerfully or on so many levels. I decided to attend Carmel’s funshops and find out a little more about Metatronic Energy and how it could be used, and was fortunate enough to gain a place studying Medical Intuition in Carmel’s College.

I am now practicing as a Medical Intuitive using the knowledge gained to help others improve their health, happiness and wellbeing.

Lynette Gleeson